EditPlus 3.60 build 870 简体中文版

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一套功能强大,可取代记事本的文字编辑器,拥有无限制的 Undo/Redo、英文拼字检查、自动换行、列数标记、搜寻取代、同时编辑多文件、全屏幕浏览功能。而它还有一个好用的功能,就是它有监视剪贴簿的功能,能够同步于剪贴簿自动将文字贴进 EditPlus 的编辑窗口中,让你省去做贴上的步骤。另外它也是一个好用的 HTML 编辑器,除了可以颜色标记 HTML Tag (同时支持 C/C++、Perl、Java) 外,还内建完整的 HTML 和 CSS1 指令功能,对于习惯用记事本编辑网页的朋友,它可帮你节省一半以上的网页制作时间,若你有安装 IE 3.0 以上版本,它还会结合 IE 浏览器于 EditPlus 窗口中,让你可以直接预览编辑好的网页 (若没安装 IE,也可指定浏览器路径)。


v3.60 build 870 (2014-01-25)
* Reload command on remote files could set wrong encoding.
* Improved ‘Recent Directories’ menu command in the Directory Window.
* Find input box in the Function List cound’t handle clipboard shortcuts.
* FTPS connect could fail on some servers.
* ‘Go to Line/Offset’ menu item didn’t work.
* FTP upload error could truncate existing file.
* Double clicking on function list resets Find input box.
* ‘Update browser preview when saving html file’ option (‘Preferences’->’Tools’).
* Allows URL highlighting for syntax highlighted documents.
* Double click associated file could produce error message.
* Supports MyFiles subdirectory for custom syntax files that supersedes default files.
* Replace with regular expression could handle backslash letter correctly.
* Fixes intermittent ftp error on some servers.
* Title bar displays file path even when the document window is not maximized.
* Scroll wheel in the browser window didn’t work correctly.

v3.60 build 740 (2013-12-11)
* Supports Function List as a tab in the Side Panel.
* Supports FTPS (FTP over TLS).
* ‘Suggest’ commands (‘Edit’).
* ‘Go Back/Forward’ menu command (‘Search’->’Go To’).
* Supports Windows 8 Spell Checking API.
* Improved regular expression support.
* Saving html file now automatically refreshes browser window.
* View in Browser 3/4 commands (‘View’).
* Ctrl+Mouse Wheel runs ‘Larger/Smaller Font Size’ command.
* ‘Duplicate Sel’ command (‘Edit’->’Others’).
* sftp supports AES algorithm.
* “Cannot find string” message now appears on the Status Bar.
* Copy command copies current line if there is no selection.
* ‘New HTML Page’ command creates an HTML 5 document in UTF-8 encoding.
* ‘Support \U \L \E’ option in the Replace dialog box.
* Alt+Up/Down moves cursor to the beginning of previous/next line.
* F2 key for Rename command on the Directory Window.
* Supports $(Unicode) $(Ansi) $(UTF8) argument macros for user tools.
* Open/Save Filter User Tool groups (similar to Text Filter but applies to open/save).
* Directory Window custom filter allows multiple file patterns separated by ‘;’.
* ‘Append’ fill mode for the ‘Fill Selection’ dialog box.
* ‘Export/Import Workspace’ menu command (‘File’->’Others’).
* ‘Apply to’ option for Auto Run User Tool groups.
* Supports up to 20 Project INI files.
* ‘INI File Description’ menu command (‘Manage Project’->’Project INI File’).
* Allows environment variables in the Project file path.
* Ctrl+Alt+Mouse click runs ‘Go to URL’ and ‘Go to File’.
* Ctrl+Shift+Mouse Wheel for page scroll.
* Supports search history for Go to Line/Offset.
* Toolbar button for ‘Marker List’ command.
* Fixes possible resource leak when creating child process.
* Some sftp server could produce timeout error when uploading file.
* ‘Keyboard Input’ menu of Output Window didn’t work correctly.
* Ruler could be shown incorrectly in variable-width fonts.
* Replace with regular expression could have wrong result.
* Directory Window could cause program crash if file list was empty.
* Fixes memory leak with the HTML Table toolbar button.
* ‘Go to File’ command dind’t work in remote files.
* ‘Go to URL’ command could create new browser instance instead of adding a tab.
* On Windows XP, Chrome browser couldn’t be run as an external browser.
* Zen Coding loading failure could cause program crash.
* ‘Find’ box in the Window List didn’t work after no match found.
* Find dialog box now restores ‘Find what’ value between sessions.
* Paragraph HTML Toolbar button now adds closing tag.
* nbsp button on the HTML Toolbar didn’t work on some conditions.
* ‘Ansi to HTML’ command could not be undone at once.
* ‘Add to Common Files’ option didn’t work correctly if file type order was changed.
* &s in print footer didn’t work.
* Fixes wrong brace highlighting when releasing selection.
* Directory Window follows group policy for hidden drives.
* Auto Run After Save didn’t work correctly with new file.
* Default PHP function pattern now includes ‘final’ keyword.
* Long lines could be displayed incorrectly.
* Improves display speed on long lines.
* Word highlighting now follows case sensitive option in the Find dialog box.


官方下载( 3.60 build 740)

官方下载(3.60 build 870 修复版)

网盘下载( 3.60 build 870  简体中文汉化版)

* 修正:’工具’->’设置目录’ 的按钮排列问题。感谢 hdzz [0504]
* 修正:汉化了几个以前不能动的单词(比如 Text 和 Default)而不会导致软件BUG [0503]
* 修正:当另存为时,在文件名称输入框的鼠标右键菜单问题 [0501]
(完美解决方案,真正中文,不会再调出来韩文了。感谢 D4llower 等多位网友协力帮助)
* 修正:在 64 位系统下,无法设置系统右键快捷菜单关联 [0501]
* 修正: 当 “另存为”、并在文件名称输入框点击鼠标右键时, 弹出英文菜单的问题 (详见下) [0427]
* 修正: 参数设置素材目录一处翻译错误 [0315]
* 修正: ‘首选项’->’常规’ 的 ‘使用 TR1 正则表达式’ 选项显示位置不正确的问题 [1014]
* 修正: FTP 设置对话框布局的问题 [0907]
* 修正: 不能定义颜色的问题 [0828]
* 更新: 许可协议汉化 [0612]
* 修正: “文档”菜单中的“文件多编码方式”根据意译修改为“批量更改文件编码”,感谢 liuyan814 [0610]
* 修正: 字符统计功能不准确的问题,感谢 liuyan814 [0610]
* 新增: Liangjh 的 Tips.txt 文件,感谢 Liangjh
* 新增: python 语法着色模板


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